Sunday, September 23, 2007

Challenge #4--My Sacrifice

Talk about diversity! Well, this week we are really going to be rockin' with the song "My Sacrifice" by Creed. For some reason, the song is taking a while to load. Please be patient. Make sure you read the lyrics because there are some really good lines in there to inspire. If you decide to complete this challenge I have included a link for you to use to post creation. However, if you would rather just post the link in the comment section that is fine too. We love to hear what you think, so please stop by and leave us a comment. We would love to hear from you! Thanks!!!

Our featured scrapper this week is a very creative lady by the name of Aleida Franklin. Her layout is very heart felt and amazingly beautiful. Please make sure you read the journaling. It is included at the bottom of the post along with her short biography. She really is an amazing scrapper.

Journaling reads: Because I was tired of seeing how severely unhappy you were in your career path, that when your golden career opportunity finally presented itself, I agreed to take the leap of faith by packing up everything and uprooting us and the children to adventure towards a new life in a whole different area of the country. Little did I realize how difficult this change would be for me down the road. I was not prepared for the emptiness and sadness I would feel inside as a result of leaving behind my family, friends, a great job market and a city that had been my home for thirty-eight years. My love, trust and belief in your capabilities runs so deep, that this is my sacrifice.


"I am a happily married mother of an adorable five year old son, Joshua who never ceases to amaze me with his insight and imagination and a rebellious two year old daughter, Isabella, who is very much like her mama. I am blessed to have a husband who understands and support my scrapbooking obsession. I was introduced to this craft five years ago and spent four of those years just shopping for supplies and reading every idea book on the subject. I am a native Chicagoan and moved down to Dallas, Texas about a year and a half ago. It was not until we moved to Texas that I started to scrapbook to cease the homesickness that overcame me. I work full-time as a legal secretary and for my sanity I work part-time at a scrapbook store where I also teach. I am thankful and honored for the opportunity to be this week's featured designer. I welcome you all to this amazingly fun site and look forward to seeing your layouts."

By the way, I have a suprise for you coming in October!