Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing our July Guest Designer!

It's the beginning of the month again, which means it's time to say goodbye and a HUGE THANK YOU to Marjan for being our guest designer for June. Marjan, it was wonderful having you with us!

It also means it's time to meet our July Guest Designer!!! Please give a warm welcome to Marit Barentsen!

Hi, I'm Marit and I'm honoured to be a guest designer for Scrapping the Music!
I've used song lyrics in my artwork ever since I started scrapbooking, and when I discovered Scrapping the Music, it was like coming home to a group of friends with the same passion for music as well as scrapbooking!
I am a passionate artist who loves to try new techniques, products and ideas, and I always try to stretch myself in my work. I think of each layout as unique and inspired by an idea, photo, paper or technique, I go from there, driven by my mood.

I’m very concentrated and thoughtful when it comes to creating. I like to put away my work from time to time and look at it later with a fresh mind; my work needs a little time to “grow”. The outcome can be very diverse: from graphical to mixed media like. Although it isn’t always clear to the observer my layouts always come with a “deeper meaning.”

I also love to work on my art journals - right now I have four going on! Scrapbooking and art journaling are my passion! There is a certain cross-over when you look at both fields and I like to explore the boundaries of it.

I graduated as a teacher in arts and last year I built my own website with a community where I teach online art journaling/scrapbooking workshops in English and Dutch.

To see more of Marit's work and learn about her workshops you can go to her website and blog, which are linked below...

Website: Marit's Paper World
Marit's Blog

Thank you for joining us this month Marit!!! We can't wait to see what you create!