Saturday, December 17, 2011

A New Blog for a New Year!

Hi everyone! We've redesigned our blog for the new year and we're so excited about it! Here's an overview of the changes:

1. A New Blog Badge!
We hope you will want to post our new blog badge to your blog! To do so, just copy and paste the code in the right sidebar into an "html javascript" gadget on your blog.

2. A New Tab Bar!
Now you can easily find things by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog. Give it a try!

3. Design Team Photos
Our Design Team is now featured in the left sidebar. If you click on their photo, it will take you to their blog, so you can find out more about them!

We hope you will like the changes!

If you haven't subscribed to our blog yet, now might be a good time to do that, so you can keep up with our updates for the new year! Check out your options in the right sidebar, just under the followers gadget.

From all of us at Scrapping The Music, thanks for visiting, and we will see you again soon!