Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's a New Month! Challenge 202.....

Hey everyone - welcome to July at Scrapping The Music! We're excited about our new set of challenges, and we hope you will be too!

Our sponsor this month is Sharon Fritchey; and here is the awesome prize!
It's an 8x8 Mixed Media Bracket Mini-Album made by Fancy Pants Designs and a bag of 50 tiny spring clothespins!

Everyone who participates in one of our July challenges, will be entered into the random drawing to win this prize!  The more times you play along, the more entries you get into the prize drawing - so play often!   :0)

And now, on to the challenges!

Challenge #201A  "Freedom" by Tyrone Wells
I heard this song on the radio one day and knew right away it was perfect for Scrapping the Music!  The music makes me want to sing and dance, and the lyrics are so inspiring!  Check out the video...

You can read all of the lyrics by clicking on the tab above.

Check out what the design team has done with this song as inspiration!

This happy song and it's lyrics are perfect for the photos that I took at Katie's high school graduation party!

Michael is such a loving father - it's a joy to see his relationship with his kids.  This song made me think about how his encouraging them and letting them be who they are has led to them being awesome, loving adults.  This pic of him with his youngest Stevie felt like just the right picture to capture that feeling!

Freedom is for me the Canadian way of living.

Listening to this song and the lyrics made me think of this band we came across while walking downtown and used the lyrics "Play Loud Music" for the title.


Our little one loves to listen his music!

#202B Prompt:
Scrap a playlist. Do you have a playlist for driving in your car? How about one you listen to while you scrap? How about a playlist of your fave songs right now, or a playlist of what you listened to in high school? Any playlist you want!

 My playlist of summer songs always makes me happy and can put me in a good mood when I am not in one!  I was inspired by a layout I saw in my new August issue of Scrapbooks etc - on page 76.

I love to make playlists in iTunes to listen to when I travel.  They keep me company on long trips!  This is my favorite playlist right now!

While I loved the song Freedom, I immediately thought of my iPod playlist, 
"Workin' on My Fitness" (thanks Fergie!)
that I listen to during my jogs.  So this round, I went with the prompt.
I'm inspired more often than not to create art with song lyrics I hear while jogging.
: .)

Now it's your turn.  Show us how the song, lyrics, or video for "Freedom" inspire you.  You can create a layout, art journal page, even a card.  Whatever you like to create.  Or does the prompt inspire you to create something?  Choose either or both.  Link us up to your creations by midnight on July 12th.

Can't wait to see what you create!