Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Guesser, the Reveal, and more Inspiration for our Songs......

Hey there everyone!  It's time for the big reveal of who did which layout!  Along with that, we will reveal the winner of our Guess the Artist contest!

The winner is HER, who submitted this list:

MICHELLE #3 Who wouldn’t wanna be me  CORRECT!
BINA #4 Summer Paradise CORRECT!
FRAUKE #5 I have a Dream CORRECT!
LINDA #6 Somebody that I used to know - This was actually created by Patricia
PATRICIA #7 Sound of Winter
- Actually created by Linda

Congratulations Her, you got four out of six correct!  You are the winner of the $15 paypal transfer!  Please send an email to me at and I will get that prize to you!

Thanks so much to Susan Martin too, who was close behind with 3 correct.

Remember you've still got until August 27th at midnite to submit layouts/pages inspired by the six songs in this post below.  Also, we wanted a chance to play along with each other's songs, so please note that we've updated the post to include more layouts from all of the design team members!  Check it out here!