Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Prize Drawing Winners for August...

Hey there everybody!  We are back with the winners of the random prize drawings for our Anniversary challenges!  Each of the design team members did their own random drawings and reported back to me individually with their winners. 

Drumroll please.....

Challenge #2 Surfin USA (Sharon's challenge)
Prize: $15 paypal transfer
Winner: GLEE!

Challenge #3 Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Participants (Michelle's challenge)
Prize: $15 paypal transfer
Winner: HER! 

 Challenge #4 Summer Paradise (Bina's challenge)
 Prize: $15 paypal transfer
Winner: ANNE P!

Challenge #5  I Have A Dream (Frauke's challenge)
Prize: scrappy goody bag
Winner:  LENA !

Challenge #6 Somebody That I Used to Know (Patricia's challenge)
Prize: $15 paypal transfer
Winner: HER!

Challenge #7: Sound of Winter (Linda's challenge)
Prize: $15 paypal transfer
Winner: JESSICA S!

If you are listed as a winner, please email me at to claim your prize(s)!  Congratulations to all of the winners!!!  And thanks so much to everyone who played along with us!!! You are the ones who made our anniversary special!!!

We will be back on September 1st with our next set of challenges, and a special announcement.  See you then!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anniversary Hall of Fame Winner...

The design team has voted and we have a hall of fame winner for our anniversary challenges!

Congratulations goes to LENA who created this beautiful piece inspired by the song "I Have a Dream" by Abba...
Click here to go to Lena's blog and read the story behind her submission!

Congratulations Lena!  Your piece will now hang in the Scrapping The Music Hall of fame!

We would like to give an honorable mention to Her, who completed all six challenges this month!  Yeayyyy Her!

Come on back tomorrow when we announce the winners of the random prizes for each of the challenges!  See you then!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anniversary Challenge Slideshow...

We are just in awe of all of the beautiful artwork that you submitted for our anniversary party!  We can't thank you enough for not only the beautiful submissions, but the heartfelt stories that go along with alot of them!  You all are our inspiration!

The design team is busy voting (this will be a really difficult one!), but in the meantime enjoy the slideshow for our anniversary challenge songs...

As always, if you don't see your layout in the slideshow, and it was linked to Mr. Linky by the deadline of midnite on August 27th - please email me at We would never leave anyone out on purpose! We will be back on August 29th (Wednesday) to announce the winner! See you then!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Best Guesser, the Reveal, and more Inspiration for our Songs......

Hey there everyone!  It's time for the big reveal of who did which layout!  Along with that, we will reveal the winner of our Guess the Artist contest!

The winner is HER, who submitted this list:

MICHELLE #3 Who wouldn’t wanna be me  CORRECT!
BINA #4 Summer Paradise CORRECT!
FRAUKE #5 I have a Dream CORRECT!
LINDA #6 Somebody that I used to know - This was actually created by Patricia
PATRICIA #7 Sound of Winter
- Actually created by Linda

Congratulations Her, you got four out of six correct!  You are the winner of the $15 paypal transfer!  Please send an email to me at and I will get that prize to you!

Thanks so much to Susan Martin too, who was close behind with 3 correct.

Remember you've still got until August 27th at midnite to submit layouts/pages inspired by the six songs in this post below.  Also, we wanted a chance to play along with each other's songs, so please note that we've updated the post to include more layouts from all of the design team members!  Check it out here!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

One More Day to Get Your Lists in...

Hey there everyone!  This is just a reminder that you have one more day to get your "who did which layout" lists in for part one of our anniversary challenge!  See this post below for details.  Even if you're not sure  you are correct, you might as well take a guess, right?  You could win $15 paypal transfer if you have the most correct answers!

The deadline for submitting your list is Sunday August 12 at midnite STM time.  Submit your answers in this post below.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WELCOME TO SCRAPPING THE MUSIC'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY, also known as "Battle of the Bands"!!!

Note: Edited on 8-15-12 to add new layouts from the design team, and reveal who chose the songs...

Welcome everyone, and thanks so much for joining us for our blogiversary party! This month, Scrapping The Music celebrates 5 years in blogland! We've got lots of fun  in store for you!  More challenges, and more ways to win!

Each design team member has chosen a special song as inspiration for you, and has created a layout or journal page to go with it.  Below you will see the six videos, along with one piece of artwork for each. The twist is - we are not telling you which design team member goes with which song/artpiece!

We've got a total of 7 (SEVEN) 6 (SIX) Challenges that you can participate in! 

CHALLENGE 1:  Guess the artist
Your mission for this challenge - should you choose to accept it, is to make a list, guessing which design team member created which layout.  All of our names and photos are listed in the left sidebar. You are welcome to page back through the blog to see if you can figure out our styles, to help you make your list.  The person with the most correct on their list will win the challenge.  If more than one person guesses them all correctly, then the correct lists will go into a random draw.

The prize for this challenge is a $15 paypal transfer.
The deadline for this challenge is August 12th (Sunday) at midnite (STM time).

CHALLENGES 2 - 7: Submit your creation(s)
You can submit a layout, journal page, or whatever you like, for one song, each of the songs, or anything in between.  It's up to you!  Each time you submit something, you are entered into a random draw for that song's prize.  So, let's say you submit 6 layouts - one for each song: Then you would be entered into all six drawings.  Make sense?

The prizes for this challenge are listed below each video/artpiece.
There will be a slideshow as usual, to showcase the work of everyone who enters, and one person will be chosen for the Hall of Fame.
The deadline for this challenge is August 27 (Monday) at midnite. 

(Note - There are two different deadlines, one for the lists, and one for the layouts.)

Are you ready?  Here we go!!!

Challenge 2 Sharon's Choice: Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys...
Click here for lyrics
Prize:  $15 Paypal transfer

"Plannin' out a route" are the lyrics I chose. The title white on white on the right corner is IRL easier to see than on this scan. 


Challenge 3 Michelle's Choice: Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me by Keith Urban...
Click here for lyrics
Prize: $15 paypal transfer


Another project with pictures of our vacation in Dec. 2003 of "the prettiest count{r}y" I know.

Challenge 4 Bina's Choice: Summer Paradise by Simple Plan, featuring Sean Paul...
Click here for lyrics
Prize: $15 paypal transfer


Challenge 5 Frauke's Choice: I Have A Dream by Abba...
Click here for lyrics
Prize: Surprise Scrappy goody bag  :0)




Challenge 6 Patricia's Choice: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye...
Click here for lyrics
Prize:  $15 Paypal transfer



I love the line in this song where he goes "have your friends collect your records and then change your number..."  I don't know if they still do this kind of thing (with today's CDs and itunes), but it made me think about the old days, when the sure sign that you were breaking up with someone was taking your records back. Ha.  That in turn, made me think about my own record collection, and my attachment to it...

Challenge 7 Linda's Choice: Sound of Winter by Bush...
Click here for lyrics
Prize: $15.00 PayPal Transfer




The photos were taken by our Canadian friends. On the back I read the words "A bit of snow" and "A little bit more".

Note - There are two different deadlines, one for the lists, and one for the layouts.

 Soooo, do you have ideas about who created which layout?  Give us your list in the comments section!  You have til August 12th at midnite to enter!

What inspires you about any or all of these songs???  Show us in a layout, art journal page, or anything else you are inspired to create!   Link us up to your creation with Mr. Linky below. You have until August 27th at midnite to enter!  

We can't wait to see what you create!