Sunday, September 30, 2012

Her's Layout Got MIssed...

Hi everyone!

I have to apologize to Her, because there was a mixup and one of her layouts for the last challenge got missed!  I am so sorry Her!!!

I want you all to see it because it is awesome and inspiring!  Without further adieu - here's Her's layout...
Title: ‘smaken verschillen’ 
The journaling says:
My parents liked ‘popular music’ and I liked ‘pop music’  and there sure is a little difference between those music styles!
Thank you so much for the inspiration Her!  and again I apologize for posting this so late!

Tune in  tomorrow (October 1st) for our next set of challenges!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Challenge #206 Winner...

The design team has voted and we have a winner...

Congratulations goes to DAWN, who created this beautiful layout, which was inspired by the song "Rain Red Roses..."
 Congratulations DAWN!!!  Your layout will now hang in the STM Hall of Fame!

Thanks also to Lisa F. and Tina, who also submitted beautiful layouts!

Come on back on October 1st, when we will reveal our next set of challenges, and a special announcement!

See you then!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Slideshow for Challenge #206...

The design team is busy voting, but in the meantime - check out the beautiful slideshow for challenge #206 - "Rain Red Roses" and playing an instrument...

As always, if you don't see your layout in the slideshow, and it was linked to Mr. Linky by the deadline of midnite on September 27th - please email Michelle at We would never leave anyone out on purpose! We will be back on September 29th (Saturday) to announce the winner! See you then!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Challenge #206

Hi Everyone ! It's Frauke ! I'm very excited to host our Scrapping The Music challenges #206A & B. I hope you'll like the song and prompt I chose and play along.

Challenge #206A
I chose the song "Rain Red Roses," by Rene Caron. The original version is by the German actress, singer and writer Hildegard Knef (born Dec.28th,1925 - died Feb.1st,2002). The song was first published in 1968 and in 1992 she re-recorded it with the German band "Extrabreit". So both versions are German we chose the English version by Rene Caron.

Please enjoy the video:

Here are our talented design team creations:

I took the German lyrics for my journaling with a photo of me being 16.




 It almost seemed like it was raining red roses this morning when I went out to take photos of the rose bush my mom gave us when we moved into our home we have now!

Challenge #206B, prompt:
Do you remember what kind of music your mother/ your parents liked ?
Did you share her/their taste ?

Design Team:

 Journaling reads:  Growing up in the 70's, Glen Campbell was a staple in our house.  We watched his show every week.  If his songs were not playing on the record player, then my Dad was most likely singing one of them.  I still remember all the words to "Witchita Lineman" and "By the Time I get to Phoenix."  :0)

I went to the fleamarket to buy an old record of my mothers favorite singer and used it as the background. The journaling says : When I was a little girl we only owned a few records. My mother liked Peter Alexander most of all - I liked him as an actor more than his songs, because he always played in comedies and had a lot of "viennese charme".

As soon as I hear any Big Band music, I think of my parents, and I also think about growing up in a musical family and playing in the band myself.  The legends were my idols, and I wanted to play like them.

 Andy Williams was a name we heard often in our household when I was growing up!  I remember watching him on our old black and white TV set!  And I still love hearing his songs today, especially "Moon River," Born Free," and "Happy Heart,"and his Christmas albums, too.

Now it's your turn.  Show us how the song, lyrics, or video for "Rain Red Roses" inspire you.  You can create a layout, art journal page, even a card.  Whatever you like to create.  Or does the prompt inspire you to create something?  Choose either or both.  Link us up to your creations by midnight on September 27th.

Can't wait to see what you create!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hall of Fame Winner for Challenge #205!

The design team has voted, and we have a winner for challenge #205.....

Congratulations goes to Peggy, who created this beautiful layout inspired by the song "Stray Cat Strut."
Congratulations Peggy!  Your layout will now hang in the STM Hall of Fame!  

Thanks so much to everyone who played along with us this time!  

We will be back tomorrow (Saturday, September 15) with our next set of challenges! 

See you then! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slideshow for Challenges 205A and 205B . . . .

We've had a lot of fun watching you post your creative pages these past 2 weeks! Thank you so much to everyone who played along! The design team is busy voting, but in the meantime, please enjoy the following layouts/projects that were posted for Stray Cat Strut and An Event in Your Life:

As always, if you don't see your layout in the slideshow, and it was linked to Mr. Linky by the deadline of midnite on September 12th - please email Michelle at We would never leave anyone out on purpose! We will be back on September 14th (Friday night) to announce the winner! See you then!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Challenge #205 and an Announcement!!!

Hi everyone!  It's September 1st and we are excited to bring you our new set of challenges!  Before we do though - we are SUPER EXCITED to introduce you to our two new design team members!

Please welcome HERMA and JESSICA!!!

Both Herma and Jessica have been dedicated, regular participants at Scrapping The Music, and are members of our Hall of Fame.  We think you will agree that they each have a unique and fun style that will be a great addition to our design team!

Here's a little information about each of them...

I’m Herma from Utrecht, the Netherlands, and I’m very honoured to be one of the new DT members!!! My husband Jimi is a guitarist and musician, and we are married for 10 years now. I (okay, we…) have a son, Brian, who is 22.

I think I’ve been a scrapper all my lifetime, I never just glued photo’s into an album, no way! I always added something extra. And I’m totally addicted to ‘the real thing’ for about 7 years now. I’m a so called ‘budget-scrapper’, and I’ll scrap with almost everything I can find that looks scrappable to me… So my house is a mess, but I don’t care. There’s no money to spend,  I’m unemployed for about 2 years now, I wonder if I’ll ever get a job again… But on the other hand, where would I find the time to scrap when I have to work all days?

I am thrilled to be joining the STM design team!  STM was the first blog I started submitting challenge pieces to, and I've loved the songs, prompts, and DT inspiration since I first found it.  I'm beyond thrilled to be on board. Let's see-- I'm a mom of two girls - one starting 6th grade and the other a senior in college (gasp!).  I'm happily married to the sweetest man alive (IMHO) and have a wonderful life where I am a full-time artist. Most of my work is licensing my designs for greeting cards and table top ceramics. But I recently found the art journaling world and became hooked big time. Not having ever gotten into scrapbooking (don't know how that eluded me), what you'll be seeing from me is lots of mixed media, texture, collage, paint, etc.  I'm also a yoga instructor, and yoga philosophy definitely influences my work.  I look forward to playing with you at STM!



Our song this week is a super fun one that we hope you will like as much as we do! 

Challenge #205A:  Stray Cat Strut by the Stray Cats

It's not just for cat layouts either!  Click here to read all of the lyrics.  We hope you will find as much inspiration as we did!

Here are the design team layouts for "Stray Cat Strut..."

My boys Willie and Johnny are kings of napping!  They've never chased a mouse around as far as I know; but I do have to admit, they enjoy chasing the occasional bug!


Our cat Cleo doesn't know what mice are, she had to stay inside because of the huge traffic, that's what my journaling is about.

My girlfriend's cat is so cool.  She's definitely got cat class!


This song is very much in my head and heart today.  Yesterday, we had to put down our wonderful cat Tory.  She was a rescue kitten who came into our family over 17 years ago as a present for my then 3 year old daughter, Mariel.  She was my companion through a contested divorce, getting my feet wet again in the dating world, several relationships, a new marriage, a new baby, moving to a new home, and transitioning from working as a lawyer, to embracing a new life as a yoga teacher and artist.  She was feisty and a diva -- she didn't like new people, new animals, or being transported to new settings.  She had a wail of a meow, and a purr that was so loud that it could be heard from another room.  As the lyrics from Stray Cat Strut go - she was a black and orange cat with class and style, who never bothered chasing mice around.  I will really miss her.  Although I don't often try to paint with any realism, this art journal page captures her and her regal, haughty expression.

Challenge 205B Prompt:
What song reflects an event in your life?


Early on in our relationship, I sent Michael this song in an email.  It fit how I felt about him so perfectly.  It became our song.  I still love it!

"I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden is a song that reflects the amazing moment that Anne was placed in my arms in Changsha, China!

 Our family does volunteer work in Guatemala with a wonderful organization called "From Houses to Homes.". Http:// The founder, Joe Collins, recently returned to New Jersey to battle his second bout of colon cancer.  He is truly an angel among us, and this art journal page is inspired by and dedicated to him.  

Now it's your turn!  Show us how the song, lyrics, or video for “Stray Cat Strut” inspire you.  You can create a layout, art journal page, a card: whatever you like to make.  Or does the prompt inspire you to create something?   You can choose either or both.  Link us up to your creations by midnite on September 12th (Wednesday nite).
We can’t wait to see what you come up with!