Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thank you for Five Wonderful Years...

The design team has voted and we have decided that the winner of our very special "Try Everyday" and Mis-sung Lyrics challenge is...

Julie Tucker-Wolek,

Marit Barentsen,

and Yvonne Yam!!!

Yes, that's correct!  You are all winners and all three of your beautiful creations are going in the STM Hall of Fame!   We appreciate you especially, because, even if you didn't know it at the time; you were participating in our very last challenge. 

For the last five and 1/2 years, we at Scrapping The Music have loved bringing you challenges.  We have loved seeing your creations.  You have inspired us so much! That's what makes this post so difficult.

We have decided it's time to close down the Scrapping The Music challenge blog.  We have been struggling with this decision for awhile now, and with heavy but grateful hearts,  we've decided the end of the year is a good time to say goodbye.

We want to thank EVERYONE who has participated in our challenges!  You are what has made this adventure so wonderful for us!

Some of our design team members have created layouts to commemorate the occasion...

My layout to say goodbye is based on the song "Every time we say goodbye" sung by Nat King Cole. (Note: I couldn't find Nat King Cole, but I linked you to a version by Ella Fitzgerald).

My layout to say goodbye is based on 'When the music's over' by Jim Morrison & the Doors.
I created a background of some of my layouts I've made for StM in the past years,
Journaling says: After 5 years StM will stop... I've participated since august 2010 and I even had the privilege to be a DT member for a few months. Michelle and all of you StM guys, thank you very much for those years of fun and inspiration.

I used the Muppets' song "Saying Goodbye" as the inspiration for my layout.  I am filled with emotion and can honestly say that I have loved Scrapping the Music and being on the design team for the past 2 years.  It has been the best scrapping experience of my life.  I have met so many talented and wonderful people and I want to thank you all for giving me this amazing opportunity!

Here's a layout I did for our "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin challenge.  Scrapping The Music will always have a Piece of My Heart!

Just seeing these layouts gets me choked up.  I appreciate each one of you on the design team so much! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful group of women; and sharing your talents week after week with such dedication and heart. You have truly become like family to me!

But - WAIT!  There's good news too!

Even though we won't be posting challenges on this blog anymore, we don't want to stop sharing our love of music with you!  So we have another announcement...

We have created a flickr group, called 
where we can all share our music-inspired creations with each other!    

Our intention is to have a very casual and fun atmosphere at flickr, where we can not only post our creations that were inspired by music; but we can also have discussions about anything music-related, post concert reviews and photos, the possibilities are endless!!! We have already started uploading photos to the group, and we hope you will join us over there!

and last but not least, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas (for those who celebrate), and Happy New Year!!!  With these holiday layouts...
in English: Sinterklaas, who does not know him...
Well, I guess most of you do?

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) is a dutch holiday, on December 5th children get presents (if they have been nice of course...)
Sint arrives at a steamboat, around half November, and from that day on kids can put their shoe, together with some water and food for his horse Amerigo and maybe a nice drawing for Sint himself, and sing some Sinterklaas-songs.

Sinterklaas rides the roofs at night and the next morning there might be a little present in the shoe. And of course his horse has eaten the bread or carrot, and the food has been gone.
At the night of December 5th, called  'pakjesavond' there will be alot of presents for the children and the whole family.

I think Sinterklaas and Santa Claus are the same? Even their names sound alike...

"Love Has Come"
I chose Amy Grant's Christmas song "Love Has Come" for many reasons.  We went to see her in concert at Christmastime one year, and she sang this song and absolutely blew me away!  To see the wonder in Katie and Anne's eyes each Christmas morning - well, there is no more joy than that in this world!!!  I want to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!  May it be filled with joy and happiness!

Hard to choose just one Christmas song there are so many songs I like, but I thought this photos fit for the lyrics. My journaling reads : With 19 months presents and seeing your grandmas and your grandpa are the most important things for you at Christmas.

We are so close to Xmas now that I think this song We wish you a Merry Christmas will inspire you . I created this card and at the same time I wish you all A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


Even though it's not particularly Christmas-y in the usual sense, Jackson Browne's "Alive in the World" perfectly expresses my thoughts about this season.  "Open my eyes and wake up alive in the world..."   This is something all the great saints and sages have tried to teach us.  I hope the lyrics inspire you as much as they do me: 


When my heart finds Christmas, I hope it finds you too!
: .)



DON'T FORGET TO COME SEE US AT Art Inspired by Music!  
We hope you will join in the fun there!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slideshow for Try Everyday and Mis-sung Lyrics...

Hi everyone! We want to thank Julie Tucker-Wolek, Marit Barentsen and Yvonne Yam for their beautiful contributions to our special challenge!  Check out the slideshow below...

We will be back on Saturday (12/15) to let you know who the winner is, and make another important announcement too.

See you then!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Extending the Deadline for our Special Challenge...

Hi everyone!
We know that some of you have said you want to participate in our special "Try Everyday" challenge; and realize that this is a super-busy time of year; so we are extending the deadline for the challenge to December 12th at midnight, STM time.  We hope to see some more entries!

Thank you so much to Julie Tucker-Wolek who submitted a beautiful layout for the challenge!

Click here to go to the challenge and play along!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Very Special Challenge...

Hi everyone, and welcome to another set of Scrapping The Music challenges!

Challenge #209A  Song: Try Everyday by Transistor Rodeo

Our song for challenge #209 has a very special story behind it.  We are so excited to share it with you!  This song was submitted to us directly from the artist himself; who was inspired when he found Scrapping The Music by chance!  I will let him tell you the story himself.  Check it out...

Hi Music Scrappers,

My name is Dave Erdmann..I was finishing up my latest cd and needed some "artwork" for the sleeve.  I found a wonderful fiber artist artist named Sharon Wheat ...
I was mesmerized by her work and started digging a bit to find more.....Somehow a link called "Scrapping The Music"  popped up and while skimming the site I noticed a series of "challenges"  for the participants....Find some inspiration in music and throw that on a visual image..fascinating....Real people, real emotion and creation for the sake of the artistic process......

I am a songwriter and I am inspired by people that "Try Everyday"....  The inspiration for the attached video was the "saga" of America's most decorated alpine skier Bode Miller.  He has been up & down, criticized, judged....through it all, he has persevered.  He was deemed "washed up" and all but dismissed by his coaches, peers and the US ski federation.. Then last season he crushed the competition on Americas toughest downhill ski course The famed "Birds of Prey" in Colorado. 

We hope you will be as inspired by this story and song as we were!  Here's the video...

You can read the full lyrics by clicking on the lyrics tab at the top of the page.  Lots of inspiration for scrapping! To find out more about Transistor Rodeo and/or to buy the CD you can go to their website here.

Here are the design team layouts for "Try Everyday..."

Seeing my boys up in the sky feels so, I don´t know, maybe afraid or scared.

I Just picked one little word from the lyrics and created this layout.

My journaling reads:  "Anne struggles with reading.  She really does.  But I have to say, she always tried to do her best.  I admire her persistence and drive.  She has improved immensely this year because of her dedication."  The lyrics from this song really inspired me.  Just try everyday!

I didn't have to go further than the song title for my inspiration!  
It made me think of my blog's name, Trying to Grab Some Happy..."  
which I try to do, every day!  
The photo reminds me of what a great time I had
 at a restaurant in Oregon on the Willamette River called Clark & Lewis. 
I was visiting some friends and we went to HAPPY hour.  
My girlfriend's husband ordered EVERYTHING on the HAPPY hour menu!  
Oh my!  What a HAPPY moment!!! 
: .)

This journal page is a promise I have made to myself to to create everyday.  Sometimes life gets in the way, and it's easy to just let the things you love doing fall to the wayside, but I know that I am happiest when I am making art; so I make it a priority to Make Art Everyday.

I picked the lyric "Nobody can stop the rain."  It gave me a great chance to use some of the new stencils I just designed for Stencil Girl Products, Rain and the checked border!

Challenge #209B
Prompt: Is there a song that you've sung the lyrics wrong to? 

This is such a fun prompt!  Who hasn't sung the wrong lyrics to a song? 
Here's an example layout from DT member Her...
I really wonder... were we the only ones always singing the wrong lyrics???

Now it's Your Turn!
What inspires you about the song "Try Everyday"?  Show us in a scrapbook layout, art journal page, or anything else you are inspired to create!

How about the prompt? What song have you mis-sung ?  We want to see it!

To be eligible to win this challenge and have your creation hang in the STM Hall of Fame, remember to link us up to your layout(s) using Mr. Linky below by midnight central time on Tuesday, November 27th. The clock in the right sidebar shows central time to help you if you need to convert time zones.

We can't wait to see what you create!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Winner of Challenge #208...

The design team has voted and the winner of challenge #208 is....

GLEE, who created this beautiful layout, inspired by Linkin Park's song Iridescent...

Congratulations Glee!!!  Your layout will now hang in the STM Hall of Fame!

Thanks so much also to Lena and Maja, who submitted beautiful work too.  We appreciate each one of you!

Come on back tomorrow  - Thursday, November 15th for an extra-special challenge!  We're excited to share the story behind this one!!!

See you then!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Slideshow for Challenge #208...

Hey there everyone!  Thanks so much to Glee, Maja and Lena who each submitted beautiful work for our current challenge!   The design team is busy voting, but in the meantime, check out their beautiful work in this slideshow...

We will be back to announce the winner on Wednesday (Nov. 14th)! See you then!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Thank You and Best Wishes to Patricia Roebuck...

Due to a very busy creative schedule, Patricia Roebuck is stepping down from the Scrapping The Music Design Team.  It's always hard to say goodbye to someone on our team; and it's especially hard to say goodbye to Patricia;  but at the same time, we are excited about her new adventures and want to wish her the very best on her creative journey!!!  Patricia has been such an awesome team member for a long time now, both in team spirit and incredible talent!

We want to take this opportunity to share with you just a few of Patricia's STM layouts...

Thank you so much Patricia for everything you've done for Scrapping The Music!!!

P.S. Don't forget you have until November 12th to participant in our current set of challenges. Click here to find out more!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

We are Extending the Current Challenge...

Hey there everyone!  We know how busy this time of year can be, so we have decided to extend the deadline for our current challenge to November 12th (Monday) at midnight.  Linda provided an awesome song for inspiration, and we think our prompt is a super fun one, so we want to give you ample chance to play along with us!  Click here to go to the current challenge!  We will see you there!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hey Everybody - You still have 3 Days...!

Just a reminder that our current set of challenges are due by midnite on October 27th.  That's this Saturday nite.  We've got a completely AWESOME song and a super fun prompt for you!  It's waiting right here for you to play along with us at Scrapping The Music!!!  Click here to go to the current challenge!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Challenge #208


Phinner here to bring you Challenge #208 at Scrapping the Music!   


Your song to art, should you decide to accept it, is Iridescent by Linkin Park.  

I think this is the perfect song to reflect a moment on the precipice where a life changing decision or choice is to be made.  Of course, you are encouraged to interpret the song in any manner that you like : .)

Here are the design team projects for Iridescent :

Every time I hear Iridescent, I think of my friend Esther.  I couldn't choose just some of the lyrics to work with because I feel all of them apply to her situation, so I typed them out and printed them to use in the background.  (Inspired by the first piece I did as a participant at Scrapping the Music and Van Gogh's Starry Night.)

My piece is in honor of her and the challenges she faces every day, battling breast cancer.  

The journaling says:  In 1986 we were on summer vacation in Austria , when I saw this white water river near Murau, Carinthia .

Most of the time I love my job.  But on those days when everything seems to have gone wrong, I love to walk to this place after work.  By the time I get here, all of the frustration of the day seems to be gone.  I can just let it go . . .

A 12th grader in my town died suddenly on Tuesday night after falling off of a bridge while skateboarding.  My town is very small -- 6000 people.  We are all stunned.  I created this watercolor in memory of this fine young man.  The lyrics seemed very appropriate.


For your prompt, you are challenged to choose a song to art that brings out the rebel in you!!! What immediately comes to mind is Rebel Yell by Billy Idol!  Or maybe one of the songs from the Transformers or Matrix series of movies.  

Here are the design team projects for this prompt:

My most current rebel moments occur when I hear this song on the radio...Pound the Alarm, by Nicki Minaj.  I could take or leave the lyrics (EXPLICIT!). Its the music and the bass beat that moves me!  I always hear it in the car on my way to or home from work, and I just have to bop in my seat! 

Title: ‘in aktie’
Get up, stand up for your rights! Yeah, this is me, at the start of Occupy Utrecht last year J
The journaling says:
October 2011, a meetup to join Occupy Amsterdam, but there were many votes to start Occupy Utrecht. The tent camp was set up next to town hall.
But there was a lot of violence against them.  July 2012 the Occupiers left because they even have been attacked by a knifed drunken idiot. The police showed up after 2 ½ (!) hours. And the police station is just a 10 minute walk from there…
The tent camp is gone but Occupy Utrecht still exists!

"For What it's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield was the ultimate protest song of the 60's and 70's to me.  I still feel like a rebel whenever I hear it today.
Here's the link to the video:

La Vida Loca, by Ricky Martin, brings out the wild girl in me!  The lyrics describe a woman who's strong, brazen and a little crazy -- and it's fun to pretend!

Now it's your turn! 
Show us how the song, lyrics, or video  for  "Iridescent" by Linkin Park inspire you!  You can do anything (a layout, art journal page, altered project, card) that you are inspired to create!  Or does the prompt inspire you?  You can chose either or both!  
Link us up to your creations by midnight on Monday, October 29, 2012.

We're looking forward to see what you create!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Challenge #207 Winner . . .

The design team has voted and, after much deliberation, we have a winner . . .

Congratulations goes to DRYCHA who created this beautiful card inspired by the song "Riding With the Radio."

Congratulations Drycha! Your card will now hang in the STM Hall of Fame!

And we want to send a great big THANK YOU to Tina who submitted TWO absolutely beautiful creations!!

Come back tomorrow, October 15, when we will reveal our next set of challenges hosted by our own design team member, Linda!

We hope to see you all tomorrow!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slideshow for Challenge #207

The design team is busy voting, but in the meantime, please check out the beautiful slideshow for Ridin With the Radio and playing a musical instrument . . .

Monday, October 1, 2012

Challenge #207, and An Announcement!

Hey there everyone!  It's time for another set of challenges!  Before we get going on those tho, I have a special announcement for you!

Please welcome Laury as the newest member of the Scrapping The Music Design Team!

Laurence, (also known as Laury55), has been a regular participant with Scrapping The Music for quite awhile now, and has numerous layouts in the STM Hall of Fame.  We love her funky and fun style, and are so excited to have her with us!

Here's what Laury has to say...

Hello, I am Laurence. Mother of 2 children from 8 & 10 they are both my favourite subject on my scrapbooking layouts. I am passionate about all arts and crafts and love stamping.. I bought my first stamp 10 years ago to make cards at the birth of my daughter and now I have to admit that I am really addicted to stamping!!!
I love trying and using different techniques on my scrapbooking layouts or in my journals. I live in a small city in the southern part of Belgium.
I am currently on 2 design teams : Infinimentscrap, a French manufacturer of rubber stamps & Kuretake - and I am very honored to join STM and its very talented team members.
Welcome Laury!

Challenge #207A

Song: Ridin With The Radio by Crystal Bowersox...

I've been a fan of Crystal Bowersox since American Idol, and was delighted to find this awesome song/video on youtube recently!  I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration in it!  Check it out...

To read the complete lyrics, check out the tab at the top of the page.

Here are the design team projects for "Ridin' With The Radio..."


My husband has the kindest heart around, and I love this picture of him, cuz it really shows it.

I made this layout in memory of Aunt Bernice.  We laid her to rest on September 20, 2012.  She lived a good life and was blessed enough to see her great-grandchildren born.  Here is a photo of her with them and her husband of 60+ years!!

I was so excited to meet this darling girl this summer! She's got the most creative personality!
 (Photo by her Mama, Patricia!) 


For this prompt, I decided to use a photo of my daughter Samy singing this summer.  She is wonderful if I do say so myself, and never hesitates to burst into song either alone or with a friend.  She is my little songbird!

At our Holidays our son had a really bad headache, the only plastic bag available was this one...

Challenge #207B:
What's your favorite instrument? Do you or someone you love play one? Scrap about it! Is there one you wish you could play? Let's hear about it! 

Journaling reads:
My poor parents paid for 10 years of piano lessons for me and I was a terrible student.  I loved music, but I wanted to play the guitar, like John Denver, or at least learn Beatles songs.  I couldn't see the value in Baroque, which was what my teacher insisted on.  "If you learn your Baroque, I will teach you the Beatles."  So I would try, but my teenage heart had a hard time embracing it. Mrs. Lange was a good egg, and she put up with a lot from me.  Now, of course, I wish I would have paid attention.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.


Title: I only can play the record player... Journaling : When I was a kid I got a recorder but never lessons, so I figured it out by myself to play the recorder. In the beginnings it must have been a real cacophony but after some practice you could suggest the melody. Getting older I tried to play guitar, but I wasn't perennial enough to play it well. I did a little bit of organ tinkling, too. Nowadays I wish my parents had tantalized me with piano lessons or maybe beared disharmonized saxophone notes - too late.

I loved playing the piano when I was growing up and was thrilled when Anne told me that she wanted to play, just like her big sister, Katie, did!


Jimi at work…
Nowadays he’s working together with Joe (from Nashville ) and Jeff (from Auckland ) in a so called ‘cloud’ on the internet. They compose music for Abbey Road Studios ( London ) and Roland Musical Equipments, who develop all kinds of musical stuff for musicians.
Unfortunately they are not paid for it…, at least not in money. But they receive software as a gift, and that’s very expensive to buy!

Now it's your turn.  Show us how the song, lyrics, or video for "Ridin' With The Radio" inspire you! You can do a layout, art journal page, or anything else you are inspired to create!  Or does the prompt inspire you to create something?  Choose either or both.  Link us up to your creations by midnight on Friday, October 12th.

Can't wait to see what you create!