Monday, October 1, 2012

Challenge #207, and An Announcement!

Hey there everyone!  It's time for another set of challenges!  Before we get going on those tho, I have a special announcement for you!

Please welcome Laury as the newest member of the Scrapping The Music Design Team!

Laurence, (also known as Laury55), has been a regular participant with Scrapping The Music for quite awhile now, and has numerous layouts in the STM Hall of Fame.  We love her funky and fun style, and are so excited to have her with us!

Here's what Laury has to say...

Hello, I am Laurence. Mother of 2 children from 8 & 10 they are both my favourite subject on my scrapbooking layouts. I am passionate about all arts and crafts and love stamping.. I bought my first stamp 10 years ago to make cards at the birth of my daughter and now I have to admit that I am really addicted to stamping!!!
I love trying and using different techniques on my scrapbooking layouts or in my journals. I live in a small city in the southern part of Belgium.
I am currently on 2 design teams : Infinimentscrap, a French manufacturer of rubber stamps & Kuretake - and I am very honored to join STM and its very talented team members.
Welcome Laury!

Challenge #207A

Song: Ridin With The Radio by Crystal Bowersox...

I've been a fan of Crystal Bowersox since American Idol, and was delighted to find this awesome song/video on youtube recently!  I hope you enjoy it and find some inspiration in it!  Check it out...

To read the complete lyrics, check out the tab at the top of the page.

Here are the design team projects for "Ridin' With The Radio..."


My husband has the kindest heart around, and I love this picture of him, cuz it really shows it.

I made this layout in memory of Aunt Bernice.  We laid her to rest on September 20, 2012.  She lived a good life and was blessed enough to see her great-grandchildren born.  Here is a photo of her with them and her husband of 60+ years!!

I was so excited to meet this darling girl this summer! She's got the most creative personality!
 (Photo by her Mama, Patricia!) 


For this prompt, I decided to use a photo of my daughter Samy singing this summer.  She is wonderful if I do say so myself, and never hesitates to burst into song either alone or with a friend.  She is my little songbird!

At our Holidays our son had a really bad headache, the only plastic bag available was this one...

Challenge #207B:
What's your favorite instrument? Do you or someone you love play one? Scrap about it! Is there one you wish you could play? Let's hear about it! 

Journaling reads:
My poor parents paid for 10 years of piano lessons for me and I was a terrible student.  I loved music, but I wanted to play the guitar, like John Denver, or at least learn Beatles songs.  I couldn't see the value in Baroque, which was what my teacher insisted on.  "If you learn your Baroque, I will teach you the Beatles."  So I would try, but my teenage heart had a hard time embracing it. Mrs. Lange was a good egg, and she put up with a lot from me.  Now, of course, I wish I would have paid attention.  Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.


Title: I only can play the record player... Journaling : When I was a kid I got a recorder but never lessons, so I figured it out by myself to play the recorder. In the beginnings it must have been a real cacophony but after some practice you could suggest the melody. Getting older I tried to play guitar, but I wasn't perennial enough to play it well. I did a little bit of organ tinkling, too. Nowadays I wish my parents had tantalized me with piano lessons or maybe beared disharmonized saxophone notes - too late.

I loved playing the piano when I was growing up and was thrilled when Anne told me that she wanted to play, just like her big sister, Katie, did!


Jimi at work…
Nowadays he’s working together with Joe (from Nashville ) and Jeff (from Auckland ) in a so called ‘cloud’ on the internet. They compose music for Abbey Road Studios ( London ) and Roland Musical Equipments, who develop all kinds of musical stuff for musicians.
Unfortunately they are not paid for it…, at least not in money. But they receive software as a gift, and that’s very expensive to buy!

Now it's your turn.  Show us how the song, lyrics, or video for "Ridin' With The Radio" inspire you! You can do a layout, art journal page, or anything else you are inspired to create!  Or does the prompt inspire you to create something?  Choose either or both.  Link us up to your creations by midnight on Friday, October 12th.

Can't wait to see what you create!