Sunday, April 15, 2012

Challenge #197

Hey there everyone! We are excited to bring you another set of challenges today! We hope you like them as much as we do!


Thanks to Patricia for suggesting this awesome song by Adele. Check out the video below - what a voice!...

Lots of fodder for journaling or scrapping here! You can read the lyrics by clicking on the tab at the top of the screen.

Here are the design team layouts for "Rolling in the Deep..."

As always I picked some words out of the lyrics. I really like layouts with lots of journaling but sometimes there is no story to be told...

Love Adele and had to scrap this song. I was looking through photos as I had the song in mind, and these crazy ones that my daughter and I took in front of my Mac cracked me up. I think I scare myself...Ha! I used the lyrics "Don't Underestimate What I Will Do" to journal about being Emma's Mom.

I just had to scrap Adele, too! I love her voice and her music. I scrapped the lyric "there's a fire burning in my heart" . . . and there is, every time I see my family. This photo was taken while we were on vacation at Disney World!


Prompt: What was the first album or song you purchased? Was it on vinyl, tape, CD, or downloaded?

Here are the design team inspiration layouts for "First Music Purchased..."

The Monkees' debut album was the first one I ever bought. It came out in 1966, and I think I bought it in 1967 or so? Anyways, I played that album until I wore it out, singing along with all the songs. Here's a link to one of the hits off the album "Daydream Believer." Davy Jones was my first teen idol. Rest in peace Davy...

Journaling reads: I still remember buying my first single record ever. It was in 1964 and my sister and I pooled together our pocket money and bought for 4,75 DM ( ca 1,80$ ) the single record "I want a Beatle for my birthday" by the German girl band "The Sweetles". In fact we wanted a real Beatles record but we weren't allowed to buy it. By the way the record was #38 at the German singles chart and you can watch it on YouTube.
PS. I really don't like it anymore, but it was fun to step back in time.

I remember getting my first album like it was just yesterday! My twin sister and I LOVED the 5th Dimension! We begged my mom and dad to let us buy this album! I played "Up, Up, and Away" over and over again!!!! You can view it here.

Ironically, I can't remember the first record album I ever bought,
but I do remember the first album my Mom bought for herself.

She loved Queen's
We Are the Champions
We Will Rock You.

So, of course I have great memories associated with these songs.
We Will Rock You
has become my running anthem...
I have to listen to it for motivation and inspiration
before every.single.race : .)

Now it's Your Turn!
What inspires you about "Rolling in the Deep"? Show us in a scrapbook layout, art journal page, or anything else you are inspired to create!

How about the prompt? What was the first music you purchased? We want to know!

To be eligible to win this challenge and have your creation hang in the STM Hall of Fame, remember to link us up to your layout(s) using Mr. Linky below by midnight central time on Friday, April 27th. The clock in the right sidebar shows central time to help you if you need to convert time zones.

We can't wait to see what you create!!!